Powerful Dua For Protection From Black Magic, Jealousy And Zina

Dua For Protection From Black Magic

Dua For Protection From Black Magic

Are you under someone’s influence? Is there someone trying to control you? Are you constantly disturbed by evil spirits? If you find yourself in any of these situations, then you can recite the dua for protection from black magic. There are so many evil forces around you who are trying to cause you harm in some or the other way. Allah has created the good things in this world along with that there are also bad or Satanic forces. Amongst them are the black magic practices and the zina which are surrounding us.

Powerful Dua For Protection From Jealousy

If you feel that someone is practicing black magic practices upon you then you can recite the powerful dua for protection from jealousy. There are some people in life who are jealous of your success and can go beyond any limit to destroy you. They try every single effort to put you down and when they fail to do so, they employ black magic practices to destroy you completely. Therefore, it is very important to protect yourself from these negative energies and seek protection under the shade of Allah. He is the most powerful supreme energy and after the recitation not any evil force has the power to harm you.

Strong Dua for protection from zina

One must safeguard oneself from zina and evil energies which trouble you. In order to protect yourself from these harmful tribulations, one must recite the strong dua for protection from Zina. This dua for protection from black magic has been taken from the ayatas of Quran Shareef. It holds power to protect yourself or your family from undesirable consequences.

Dua For Protection From Zina

One can recite the following dua for protection from zina .The three Quls in Islam will ward off the harmful effects of black magic.

Recite Surah An-Nas, Surah Al-Falaq, and Surah Ikhlaas. Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri

First take two bottles of Olive oil and two jars of natural honey, kalonji powder and 30 bottles of water.

After these, recite the following Surahs and blow into each of the above bottles after every ayat. It could take you around 3-4 hours.

Dua For protection from zin

darood  for 21 times

surah fatiha for 21 times

ayat al kursi for 21 times

surah baqarah for once

ayat al kursi for 21 times

surah fatiha for 21 times

darood for 21 times

After you have performed this rub your whole body and hair with this oil including your hair. After performing fajr namaz, take a spoon of honey and mix with a pinch of the kalonji powder add water to it and drink. This procedure has to be carried by the afflicted person. Only if it is a young child or someone who is mentally ill, then anybody can perform this for them.

You may also recite the 20 Surah Ta Ha – recite verse 68 – once and verse for 69 – 99 times.

In case, you are not being relieved then you can consult our Molvi Sufi Sultan ji.

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