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Qurani Dua To Get Ex Wife Back – Dua To Get Ex Wife Back In 3 Days

Dua To Get Ex Wife Back

 Dua To Get Ex Wife Back

If your wife is angry with you and left you then you can recite the dua to get ex wife back. A wife is the one who loves and supports you for whole life. Many a times the husband loves his wife with all his heart but the wife still suspects the relationship. She loses the trust completely. Every time, there is always some insecurity in her mind of losing her husband. You try hard to console her but she is not willing to listen to you and your relationship worsens. However, with the help of this dua, she would surely come back to you and will remove all the grudges which she holds against you.

Qurani Dua To Get Ex Wife Back

The worst scenarios could be when she decides to leave you. There is no one to take care of you and love you. You miss your wife and want to get your wife back but she is not getting convinced of coming back to you.  No matter, how hard you try it becomes very difficult to get your wife back. If you are going though the similar phase in your marriage, then you may recite the dua to get ex wife back. Yes, with the help of this dua, it is no more difficult to get your ex wife back. If she is annoyed with you or angry with you over some issue, this dua will resolve the conflicts and your wife will come back to you herself.

Dua To Get Ex Wife Back In 3 Days

Yes, this dua is very strong and effective and get your ex wife back in just 3 days. If you want your ex wife to come back home and live with you, you must try the dua to get ex wife back in 3 days. However, before reciting the dua, you need to have full faith in Allah (swt). He will surely listen to you and you both can live together happily and peacefully. He wil protect your home and save your marriage from breaking up.

Dua To Make Fall Ex Wife Back

The dua to make fall ex wife back is given below. It will make her fall in love with you over again.

Qurani Dua to get ex wife


The dua to make fall ex wife back in Arabic is as follows:

يا الله تعطيني ما أريد

English translation is as follows:

Ya Allah taetini ma ‘urid

After performing Farz namaz of Isha, you have to read the dua to get ex wife back for 500 times.

After this, pray to Allah Subhan Wa Taalah to grant you happiness in your married life. He will surely listen to your prayers and get you out of any troubles.

Insha Allah your wife will return to you and love you with all her heart and soul and take full care of you. She will not be resentful anymore and be happy with you.

In case, if you want to know the proper method of performing this dua and wazifa to get ex wife back, you can consult our Islamic astrologer. He will guide you in the best way to make the dua work.

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